Worship Albania


Exciting things are happening in this country that was once proud to declare itself completely atheistic. With the fall of communism in the ‘90s, the next generation is hungry for the truth that will satisfy. A college student approached one of the missionaries and said, “I am a white sheet. Write on me what to believe” The missionary wisely gave the man a Bible and said, “No...you need to go to God for that...He'll tell you what to believe. Don't rely on man's wisdom.” With this hunger for the truth comes the need for education. In an incredible cooperative venture (between leaders of Albanian churches, the Albanian Evangelical Alliance, the Albanian Encouragement Project, and Campus Crusade for Christ) a ministry center is planned for the city of Tirana. This center will house, among other things, a school of worship. One glaring void in the life of Albanian Christians is the void of worship music available in the Albanian language. This is the area in which the Stanleys have been asked to help. They have set up a recording studio in Albania, and have helped set one up in Kosovo as well. The purpose is to record original Albanian songs of worship, as well as many translated favorites that you and I sing in our churches today. In addition to producing worship CD's, they have also been training Albanian Christians as well as missionaries to record and produce CD's themselves. The Stanleys are also working with Albanian worship leaders, training them in both spiritual and practical issues related to leading worship.  The vision is to bring worship music to the homes, cars, and streets of Albania. It’s so exciting to be part of bringing encouragement and hope to the daily lives of Albanians. As one indigenous Brazilian expressed when a similar ministry worked in his part of the globe, “You previously gave us the book in which God speaks to us, but now you are giving us songs in which we speak to Him.” albania.bmp