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by on Apr.08, 2009, under Giving, News, Prayer

Hello Team, I wanted to share with you the summer ministry plans for the Worship Albania Project. When I was in Albania last May and again in Jan. of this year, I was able to record six new Albanian worship songs. These were written by Toni Shena, www.tonishena.org a young worship leader with whom we have worked for several years. I brought the recordings back with me and Seth and I plan on completing the songs this summer. This includes recording additional instruments, background vocals, editing, mixing and mastering. We hope to have a final product ready for Toni to duplicate and distribute/sell by mid to late summer. These are songs that are currently being used in our church in Tirane. They are really wonderful worship songs written from the Albanian heart, and are very powerful songs to our Lord.  Toni will use these CD's to help support his ministry and to continue the vision we all are a part of...bringing Albanian worship of our Lord, to the streets and homes of Albanians everywhere. With this in mind, we could really use a new microphone for recording. We have one that works reasonably well, but the sound it captures is just a different "color" than the one we used for Toni's voice while we were in Tirane. The mic we used is a Shure KSM 27 that sells for $300 pretty much everywhere. It's the same one we used to record the CD Tranzit. Right now, one of my primary suppliers is offering it for $199. I've never seen it for less that $279, even on sale. This is a great opportunity to get a new rock solid mic that is rugged enough for travel, and records very high quality tracks. Please pray for this project, it has the potential to be a great blessing for the Albanian people, as well as a financial support for a gifted young worship leader. If you can contribute to purchasing this mic, you can do so through Forward Edge on our support page www.worshipalbania.org/?page_id=6. If you can help us with this mic, please email us and let us know the funds are on their way so we can make the purchase while they are still available. It is such a pleasure and joy to be partnered with you in this ongoing ministry. Your prayer and friendship are a constant source of blessing and encouragement. Bekime, David
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