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New Focus

by on Nov.13, 2008, under News

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to give you a quick update on what's going on with the ministry. This summer was a pivotal season for our family. Seth graduated from high school in June. A couple of days later, Daniel Golder from Albania moved in with us for the Summer. At the end of Aug, Daniel and Seth moved into the dorms at George Fox University where they are now attending. We went from having 4 kids at home to having 2. It has been an adjustment. All the changes, and with needing to catch financially up with missed work due to my 4 weeks in Kosovo and Albania in the late Spring...added up to not much taking place in the Worship Albania ministry. Well, that is changing. Over the past month, the Lord has really been speaking to me about refocusing and re-purposing my time, my energy, and direction.  As you can see, the web site has been redesigned and made much more user friendly, and much easier to update. Our goal is to rekindle the partnerships that we had in the past, as well as creating new ones for the future. All this, so that we can help equip, and train worship leaders. And to create legal avenues for Albanians to translate, record, and use worship songs from all over the world. Ultimately, we look forward to the day when Albanian people are writing, recording, and using their own songs as expressions of worship. That is beginning to happen now! So how can you help? Pray, give, and pray some more. You can check out the prayer page for the latest prayer requests, and you can go to the support page to join our financial team. To stay informed of the latest updates, you can subscribe to our site by typing in your email address in the box on the right hand side of the home page. It will give you simple directions so get this accomplished. If you are on that mailing list, every time we write an update on the  web page, you will automatically get an email letting you know that there is a new post for you to read. If you would like to leave comments regarding any of our update post, you can do so by first registering as a member. You can do this by clicking on the the "Register" line on the lower right hand of the homepage under administration. Quick prayer shot - David and Sheri are going to Albania in Jan. 09. We will be leading worship and speaking at a three day Worship Conference in Tirane. Please pray for us as we prepare. Pray that David would hear from the Lord regarding what he should share, and that he would be able to adequately prepare and deliver what the Lord has for them. Please also pray for finances to cover the lost work time. By God's provision through you...the airline tickets have been purchased. Praise God. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. God has blessed us richly through your partnership. We are forever grateful. Bekuar, David
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A Story… A Reality… A Dream… A Source…

by on Nov.08, 2008, under News

A Story...     Imagine with me. You are a young farmer that has no harvesting tools. Your fields are ready to be harvested, but you don't have the necessary tools. You go to a local market to purchase the specialized tools you need. You approach the shop and see all the tools you need...but no shop keeper. You watch as others come and go, taking what they need, leaving without paying. After a short time, you see an acquaintance pick up a new sickle and a hoe, and start to walk away. You call out to him, and begin a conversation. It goes something like this... You: So...how does this work? Acquaintance: What do you mean?  You: I need to get some of these tools, but I don't see anyone to pay. And I don't see anyone else paying either? Acquaintance: Well, there isn't anyone here to pay. You: So they are free? Acquaintance: No, not really. They are all stolen and brought in from other countries. The owners don't even know we are using them. You: Don't you feel bad about using stolen tools? Acquaintance: Yes, but what choice do we have? We can either try to make my own, which would be great, but we don't really know how. Or we can use these stolen tools. You: I don't feel right about this. I think I'll try to find some to buy. Acquaintance: Many of us have already tried. The owners live in other countries and don't speak our language. There is no legal way to get the tools here. We all need to do our jobs, so this is our only option.  The acquaintance leaves with his new tools, and leaves you, the young farmer standing in the shop alone. Reluctantly, you slowly begin to pick up the tools you needs. Examining each one, you begin to realize how much they will help you in your work. So...you gather what you need, and leave. A Reality... The reality is that this scene is played out everyday by thousands of pastors, worship leaders, and congregations throughout the world. They need the tools, and have no way of legally obtaining them. We saw this reality lived out while we were in Albania. But it's the same in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and many other emerging nations. Contrast this reality with a Pastor or Worship Leader in the US. We have thousands of outlets for obtaining worship CD's  and songs. Training materials, both practical and spiritual are found on every Christian book store, or at the click of a mouse. The solution seems simple; create a website, translate songs and training materials, and post them on the website. But, if we do that, we have created a duplicate image of the scene I shared with you before. Another illegal source of tools. A Dream... The dream is big. It's too big for me. It's too scary for me. Wading through the legal issues with producing a single worship CD for the Albanian people was over whelming and very time consuming. At times, I just wanted to say "forget it. They make it way too hard. Let's just do it like everybody else does". But that wasn't what God had in mind. Eventually, we did get through the process. Now...the next step. The church in Albania has hundreds of translated worship songs that are being sung in churches every week. The majority of these songs are being used illegally. Not because they choose to bypass the laws, but because they have now way of abiding by them, and still be able to use the songs. Many Worship Leaders and Pastors are feeling lead by the Holy Spirit to change this situation, but are powerless to walk through the tangled path. As far as we have been able to ascertain, the 14 songs on the Tranzit CD we recorded are the only legally approved,  translated songs in the Albanian language. We want to correct this reality. We also want to be a resource not only for legal worship music, but also for training Albanian worship leaders in both spiritual and practical ways, where ever they are located. We are currently continuing the work on translation approvals. We have 8 songs submitted, with about 12 more ready to submit. But the process is slow, and takes a lot of time coordinating between Albania and licensing industry. The next phase of this dream is to not only finish the website, but to source it with quality training materials, and worship music. This means partnering with organizations like, worshiptogether.com, Vineyard Music Group, Desiring God Ministries, Passion 268, and dozens of others that are available to the English speaking world. Being able to source the website with downloadable sheet music for legal translations means forging a whole new way of handling music licensing for missions. We desire to establish a legal path that can be followed and duplicated for any language or people group. When we returned from our year in Albania, we believed we had good idea of the next steps for this ministry. We also believed that we could do this ministry on the side. As we prayed and pursued God regarding this ministry, the vision became clearer. As it became clearer, we began to see the magnitude of this vision. . It's bigger than we imagined. It's bigger than we can handle on our own. Which is right where God wants us...totally dependant on Him. This dream He's called us to will not happen without Him. A Source... God keeps bringing that word to me. Source. That's really what we are being called to do. To source a people out of our abundant resources. To provide training, and materials that God will use to further His Kingdom work in the Albanian people and the Muslim world. We are confident that the initial work He has for us can only be accomplished from outside of Albania. The resources and ease of communication we are blessed with here makes the job possible, where in Albania it would be nearly impossible. We also believe we will someday return to Albania long term to continue working with and equipping our fellow believers. What we are asking you is to source us to do the work. We specifically need to raise $1500 per month in order to accomplish the tasks the Lord has laid before us. We are currently about 1/3 of the way to our goal. We want to dedicate one full day each week to this project. Plus be able to fund travel to Albania for ministry, as well as locations in the US in order to get the required partnerships, agreements, and licensing in place. Some of you have continued to support this work since we returned from Albania. Thank you. Those funds have been saved to use directly for the ministry. None of those funds have been used for our personal expenses. Some of you have supported this ministry in the past, and we thank you. Some of you have not been able to support this work financially or are new to this opportunity. Where ever you are now, please consider what God would have you do in being a source for the Albanian people through this ministry. If you currently support us, thank you, please continue. If you are not currently a part of our financial "sourcing" team, please consider joining us. Be a part of something new that will be a rich resource of tools for the laborers in the "white with harvest" fields of Albania.
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