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The Conference is Over

by on Jan.24, 2009, under News, Prayer

Thank you so much for your prayer during this conference. There is no way to adequately share with you the incredible time we had in worship, prayer, and teaching. Many worship teams were equipped with tangible, practical training to help them function better as a team,  and as leaders in the church. By the last day, there was a wonderful spirit of unity in the attendees. This is something that is not all that common in this region. Some real ground was made for the Kingdom and for cooperation among worship leaders regarding additional training, song translation process, and personal support and networking. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Albanian church has been blessed by your investment in them. Pray for Sheri as she takes off for Portland on Sunday morning. David has another week here working on more recordings, and some technical sound system issues and training. Please keep him in your prayers for continued health and a productive week. Blessings, David & Sheri
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The Conference has Begun!

by on Jan.22, 2009, under News, Prayer

Hello Team, The conference began well tonight. We had over 60 people show up! It was an awesome time of worship, teaching, and fellowship. On Friday, David speaks three times, then another two times on Saturday. Pray that he would speak the words that God places in his mouth. Sheri will be teaching on Saturday morning. Pray also that a spirit of unity and peace would reign over the conference. We so treasure your partnership and are so honored to have you by our sides as we take ground for the Kingdom by equipping His anointed Worship Leaders and teams to lead fully in their calling. Blessings, David
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Tuesday Jan. 20

by on Jan.20, 2009, under News, Prayer

Hello Team, Preparations for the conference are progressing well. The schedule calls for me to be speaking four times during the conference as well as leading worship with one of the teams. I will be speaking on The Levitical Call, and will be leading workshops on Acoustic Guitar, Sound Systems, and Worship Team Dynamics. Sheri will be teaching a workshop on Keyboard/Piano, and will also be on the Worship Team Dynamics panel. As of now, we are expecting 35 - 40 attendees, but this number is changing daily.  We ask for prayer specifically for our preparation and the ability to communicate both God's heart for worship, and practical everyday things that help teams work well together spiritually, musically, and inter-personally. There are also some logistical issues that need resolving as well, so we would be grateful for prayer coverage in that area as well. Personally, Sheri and I are doing very well, and are very much enjoying our time here. The opportunity to re-connect with such dear friends, and serve along side them is a joy and honor. We are so blessed to be here. Thank you for sending us. David & Sheri
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We’ve Arrived

by on Jan.17, 2009, under News, Prayer

Hello Team, Thank you so much for your prayer support. Sheri and I made it here fine. We got the medication through. We had a bit of a scare this morning in Munich when the security screener called over a supervisor and wanted to check our papers for the medication. (no one else even opened the bag) When the supervisor arrived, he looked at the documents and said, "they are fine, let them go on." Praise God The conference begins next Thursday night, so pray that we are able to prepare our hearts and that God's words will flow through us. We are excited for the opportunity, and humbled by the responsibility. Blessings, David
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We’re on our way!

by on Jan.15, 2009, under News, Prayer

Hello! In a few minutes we leave for Albania--so grateful for the opportunity to once again visit the land and the people that God has placed in our hearts. We'll be speaking at a three-day worship conference, continuing with more recording, and reconnecting with our brothers and sisters! Thank you for praying for wisdom and smooth travels, and for Seth, Katie, and Ian as they remain here in the States. They sure would rather be with us! Love and blessing! Sheri
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Quick Prayer Update

by on Jan.07, 2009, under News, Prayer

Sheri and I leave for Albania on the 15th of January. We have been asked to take some vital prescription medicine to some Albanian missionaries. The medication must be kept cold, so we have to carry it with us as one of our carry on pieces. This could present a problem with the airlines or Customs in either Germany or Albania because the medicine is not in our name. We have a doctors note explaining the situation...but you never can tell how that will be viewed. We may have no problems here...then run into trouble in another country. So...we are asking that you pray for favor as we travel. Pray that we would have no problems in transporting the medicine, and that we would be able to keep it cold even with a 24 hour layover in Munich. When crossing the border while smuggling bibles, Brother Andrew once prayed, "Lord, you have made blind eyes see, now I'm asking that you make seeing eyes blind." He then crossed the border and even though the guard opened the suitcase filled with bibles...he apparently didn't see them. We are asking for the same result. Lord, let us this through safely. Amen! David and Sheri
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