Worship Albania


We know that many of you are diligently praying for us. Thank you. You are doing the hard work. We are simply (as a friend from Hawaii says) "being ourselves someplace else." What a privilege it is to have you partner with us. With this in mind, here are the prayer requests we have for you to join with us in bringing before the Lord. Translation Approvals - We continue working on getting translation approval for all the songs that are currently being used by the church in Albania. This is a time consuming and detail oriented process. Please pray that we would be able to stay focused, and that we would continue to find favor with the publishers. Worship Conference -  Sheri and I will be traveling to Tirane, Albania in Jan. 2009, to help with a worship conference. We will help with leading worship, and David will be doing some of the teaching. We will also be renewing relationships and encouraging young worship leaders. David will also be helping set up a system for recording the Sunday worship service. He will also be recording some new Albanian worship songs. Pray that the additional funds to cover all the cost would be provided. Pray that David and Sheri would be able to speak the heart of God to those the Lord brings into our path. Pray that our family will be covered while we are gone.